If you are fed up with candy bar, you may be interested in this new trend to entertain your guests : a tea bar ! The tea bar is perfect if you organise a wedding lunch or for a wedding brunch. Guests will appreciate the selection of teas and the decoration during the day. By night, the tea bar may be less successfull !!

Anyway, the tea bar is also a good opportunity to create a specific decoration. It can be poetic and international if you select teas from all over the world. Of course, I advise you to add some cupcakes, cookies or small cakes to taste with the teas ! I am sure many guests, even the ones who are not used to drink tea, will be intringued by this tea bar for a wedding.

By the way, the tea bar is something very easy to do. You do not need too much budget to create a beautiful table with nice cups and teas coming from all over the world. Add some labels and a doily. Insist on the tea pot, and that’s it ! Your have done your tea bar for your wedding !