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Posted on nov 23, 2012 in Wedding themes | 2 comments

2013 Weddings trends #1: Mint color everywhere

2013 Weddings trends #1: Mint color everywhere

2013 is coming and a new season of weddings too. What are the 2013 wedding trends ? It seems that there is a total agreement about the mint color. All the websites dedicated to the wedding industry deal with the mint color and previous fashion shows drew the attention to this color too !

Why is mint color the new trend for weddings ? First of all, according to me, mint color matches with very different wedding atmospheres. It can be perfect with light pink and light yellow colors to create a very romantic wedding decor. The mint color can also be mixed with black or dark green colors for a much more modern and graphic wedding. Among the 2013 wedding trends, mint color can satisfied a lot of bridal couples and that’s why this is the number one !

Secondly, it’s not a very used color and bridal couples are looking for something new and fresh for their wedding decoration. The mint color is perfect for all the single details : from the wedding invitation to the photobooth. Even the guests can wear mint ! There is no doubt that this color will be seen in many weddings next year.

What about you ? What do you think about mint color as the number 1 of 2013 wedding trends ?


  1. Wedding trends for 2013: Trend #1 –Mint green (they have a lot more photos with the article).

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