I’m thinking about a blue wedding

Blue is a famous color for everything except weddings ! I mean many of us love blue. Anyway regardin wedding decoration, few grooms and brides think about a blue wedding. What a pity !

Blue is a great color even if it’s said that blue is cold color. Sometimes blue can be really perfect to make the wedding decoration. Indeed, when I plan weddings on the French Riviera, some of them are on the beach. Weddings on the beach are really special. Blue is the ideal color for a wedding on the beach.

If you wish to do a blue wedding, I suggest you to use blue for flowers and for linen. Regarding linen, I prefer sky blue table cloth or turquoise with white chairs. Blue and white colors create a summery atmosphere, especially for weddings on the beach. The sea becomes a part of your wedding decoration. As George Clooney uses to say : « What’s else » ! 

What I prefer for a blue wedding is to choose beautiful dark blue flowers or sky blue flowers. Blue flowers give personnality to your wedding decoration.

What about the wedding dress ?

My job as a wedding planner on the French Riviera is also to advise brides (if they wish) about wedding dresses. So if one of them plan to do a blue wedding or a wedding on the beach, I suggest to add some blue on the wedding dress. Here is a beautiful example of a blue and white wedding dress.

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