Christmas is coming and they are many decorations in the streets and in the shops. This can give you ideas for your wedding decoration.  I found on the web some very good inspirations if you dream of a red and silver wedding decoration. I think this kind of wedding decoration is really perfect if your wedding is during the winter season.

The most important for this red and silver wedding decoration is to find the nice red. It has to be dark and warm. The silver must not be too shinny. It’s between a luminous grey and a dark silver. The mix of the 2 colors is really beautiful, stylish and elegant. 

For the red touches, you can put many red roses of course but do not hesitate also to add some red glasses. It’s very easy now to rent them for a wedding. Don’t forget you hair, it can be nice to put a red touch with a flower or a jewel. Be careful ! Your red and silver wedding decoration must not be a Christmas decoration ! On the contrary if the wedding is closed to Christmas, you can suggest it with small details like candies, stars …but not too much !

If you wish more advices about a red and silver wedding decoration, please contact us     

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