When you plan to organise your wedding party, you have very often colors in mind. Our unconscious mind associate colors with events. As far as I’m concerned, white is known to be the most famous color for wedding receptions. Anyway, do we know exactly what colors mean. Through history, dream language, religion and psychology, colors have symbolic meanings.   Let’s have a look to some emblems.

First of all, white means light and divinity. Egyptians used to put white shrouds on their departed relatives. Druids wore white clothes and so on. The wedding dress is white because this color represents purity, chastity and virtue. White flowers like lily or white birds like dove are emblems of peace.

Secondly, red is sometimes used in a wedding decoration because red is linked with the divine love. Red express life, optimism and sex. To a certain extend, red stands for conquest and seduction but also for power. In Peru, soldiers are in red !

What about yellow ? This equivocal color is not easy to define. On one hand, yellow is associated with gold and prosperity. Our unconscious mind link yellow to youthfulness, renewal and insight. On the other hand, yellow put together jealously and betrayal. It is said that Judas wore yellow clothes and in France, years ago, the strikers were called « the yellowmen ». Self-conceit is illustrated in yellow. Actually this color is bannished in many wedding receptions.        

Orange is mixed with positive red images and yellow emblems. This color is unrecognised for wedding decoration. That’s a pity ! Indeed, orange represents the endless wedding. On its contrary orange can be associated with hedonism and quircky people.

Green is closed to nature obviously and many of us know that green means hope. What about wedding ? In China, green represents easter and charity.   Green express regeneration and birth. It’s Venus’ color ! So, it’s also linked with retaliation and despair in catholic symbolism. On the whole, green is the color of people who look for gratitude and fame. 

As green, blue is a « cold » color in everybody’s mind. But blue has strong links with the divine representation. Blue is known to be the truth. Very positive emblems are connected with blue : faithfulness, loyaulty, stability, unselfishness and profund contemplation. Blue in wedding decoration should be used a little bit more, don’t you think!

Purple is more and more used in wedding receptions because this color mixed with red and blue represents love power, tenderness and sweetness. Be careful anyway, for Chinese people purple is the symbol of death.  

Finally, pink is a very suitable color for a wedding party. It’s the flesh color but it’s not linked with sex but with love and passion. Ideal for your wedding decoration !

To conclude, please avoid some colors that are not welcomed in a wedding party. Obvioulsy black represents the nigth and above the evil. Notice that black is also an emblem of freedom and independance. Grey is the sum of the white innocence and the black guiltness. It’s the color for the terrestrial death and globally it’s linked with sadness and disinterest. Last but not least, brown the earth color is strongly associated with selfishness, aggressiveness. 


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