White balloons for wedding

Usually,  I don’t like balloons for wedding. It’s not stylish and elegant except if you choose the right way to use balloons for your wedding decoration. For instance, I like very much the decoration below with white balloons for the buffet. The balloons are big enough with a nice bright color and there are only 3 of them !!

As a matter of fact, I dislike the wedding decoration like arches made with balloons ! Of course, this is my personal viewpoint !! But I really prefer using balloons differently. They need to be white and very big and not too numerous. You can use white balloons for a wedding entrance or just for pictures !

Indeed, white balloons for wedding pictures is a very great idea. The result is very romantic, funny and magical, with the bridal couple and all the guests, especially with children. 

So, I recommend white balloons for wedding !  



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