To start this new year, I would like to wish you all the best of course, and to send you some sun and warmth with a wedding venue in Marrakech. I think Marrakech is a great oportunity for bridal couples who dream of a destination wedding. Indeed, wedding venues are less expensive in Marrakech than in Europe and the weather is very often perfect for a wedding diner outside.

For instance, this wedding venue in Marrakech is cheap as the rental price is roughly between 1100 and 1500€ per night. You’ll have 5 rooms to accomodate your closest friends and family and then the venue’s manager asks 10€ per person for the wedding day. Thus if you want to organise a wedding for 80 guests, you’ll have to pay 700€ in addition to the rental price. That’s is very affordable, considering that you will privatize the whole property.

Most of the time, in Marrakech, you can organise the wedding diner outside. But even if you need a tent, the traditional tents are less expensive than any plastic tent in Europe. Consequently I highly recommend you this wedding venue especially if your budget is low and you want to surprise your guests ! This cheap wedding venue in Marrakech is indeed very charming.