This wedding venue is amazing. In fact, this is a fortress located in an island on the Mediterrean sea not very far from Marseille. If you’re dreaming of a wedding like a prince and princess, surronded by the sea, you must consider this fortress as your future wedding venue. If your dream is to get married in an island, you should consider this fortress too !

There is no doubt that your guests will be amazed by this wedding venue. The best idea is to hide the name of the venue to your guests and to ask them to meet you at the harbour. Then you and your guests will go directly by boat to the island. The journey is quite short and your guests will see the island be closer and closer. Get married in an island is a dream for many bridal couples and guests !!

The fortress is renovated and you can enjoy many terraces for the wedding ceremony and the aperitive. As the island is surronded by the sea, it can be a bit chilly by night. Do not worry, the wedding venue has indoor reception areas for your party ! Luckily, on your wedding day, it won’t be too windy and your guests will love this wedding on an island !