Getting married in Paris is a dream for many bridal couples. They wish to organise their wedding in Paris, as it is one of the most romantic city and the food is extremely good. That’s why today, I would like to present you a wedding venue from the Weddings Abroad Expert‘s guide : « Marry me in Paris ». I am sure you’ll be impressed by the charm of the building and the modern decoration of the rooms !

This beautiful wedding venue is located at 35 km from Orly airport. The very good point when you dream of getting married in Paris, is that the destination is easy to access for your guests, even if they’re coming from all Online Pokies over the world. Regarding the prices, it depends on the season but the maximum rental price is 4900€. Among the guide made by Weddings Abroad Experts, this venue offers a good value for money. Besides, you can play the music late at night …in Paris, that a little bit more complicated to play the music after 2 am !

Why don’t you consider a wedding in Paris during winter. Indeed, as the sun is not a guarantee in Paris during Summer, getting married during winter can be very romantic. This wedding venue has a chimney …just perfect for a wedding. If you have any question about getting married in Paris or Weddings Abroad Experts‘guide, please ask !