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Posted on fév 12, 2013 in Wedding venues | 8 comments

Rustic and charming wedding venue in Provence

Rustic and charming wedding venue in Provence

This is a very charming and rustic wedding venue, located in Provence, I would like to present you. Indeed, this place was a former abbey and the old stones are still present. They give to the wedding venue a romantic atmosphere. In addition, the wedding venue is surronded by olive trees and lavender fields. If you’re looking for real Provence, I think you have just found your wedding venue !

By the way, this rustic venue is very closed to a very charming village. So your guests will be totally seduced by this part of French Provence. This wedding venue can welcome 200 guests for a seated diner, but the best Buy Levitra is to be between 80 and 120 guests. You can organise your aperitive and your wedding ceremony outside. Then, there are 2 rooms.

Thus, you can have the wedding diner in the first room and the second room is generally used for the dancing party. There is no time limit, so you and your guests can plenty enjoy the wedding venue. I described this wedding venue as rustic, but it doesn’t mean that the venue is not well kept.  On the contrary, the venue was renovated and you’ll be seduced by the interiors.

The cost of privatization is more or less 5000€. Consequently I highly recommend you this wedding venue in Provence !


  1. Hi,

    I adore the look of this beautiful location, might you be able to provide me a little more information?


    • Hi Fiona

      What do you want to know ?



  2. i would love to know the name of this location. it looks beautiful.

  3. Hello,

    Me and my partner are looking to get married around the summer of 2015, but are very flexible with the actual month we wish to be wed. So if you could get back to me with prices, packages, availability, price variance according to the month, capacity etc.

    Many thanks,

    Liam and Chloe

    • Hi Liam and Chloe

      Unfortunately, for the moment, we focus only on weddings for 2013 and 2014

  4. Hi,

    My fiancé and I would like to get married in 2015; July or August. Could we obtain more information on:
    - Prices if renting the place for a week
    - Capacity (wish to invite around 30 people)
    - Wedding packages

    Thanks in advance,

    • Dear Laurianne

      Thanks a lot for your 14 messages tonight on my blog!

      You ask many prices and informations about many different wedding venues : somes are in Paris, other are in the southwest of France, last ones are on the French Riviera.
      All these informations are listed on another website :

      If you’re looking for packages, here are the ones we advise



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