A September wedding in the Côte d’Azur!

A stunning village location was chosen, for an equally stunning young French/Canadian couple. The groom, a french native, was enthusiastic to use his home county’s natural beauty and culture, as the basis of their theme, <<together with his beautiful Canadian bride>> their vision was a mix of funky/vintage laid back chic.

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The small group of 30 guests were all accommodated in L’Abbaye, a beautifully restored boutique hotel from the 10th Century. The overseas Canadian bridal party, was especially blown away by this romantic historical location. This was the perfect back drop for the fresh and detailed styling creations of ‘Lucky You Events’.

The wedding ceremony and traditional hand fasting , was held outdoors, on the circular garden lawn under a beautiful tree, draped in flowing fabric. Loose natural flowers, mixed with vintage props throughout, added a touch of relaxed bohemian glamour. The bride and groom requested a live DJ to play their music, setting a contemporary atmosphere.

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The Wedding party dined in the romantic enclosed court yard, lit with hanging light garlands surrounding an ancient water feature, filled with lotus flowers and floating candles. Additional styling touches of lavender, natural tones of olive, taupe and old white echoed thougout the fabrics, flowers and vintage glass wear. A quirky selection of hand-made French/Canadian ‘wedding favours’ with original touches of a ‘date jar’ and a map of the world ‘guest book’.

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The evening flowed through to the church grotto, an ancient vaulted cosy space, enhanced with funky light decorations and informal natural follage -all made for an enchanting and totally original after hours party venue.

Overall ‘Lucky You Events’ created a magical atmosphere of subtle glamour, celebrating the unique combination of past/present, european chic and the new world touches.


Planning, Design and coordination : Sandrine Adeline & Annie Hernon – Lucky You Events

Celebrant : Cherish Ceremonies

DJ : Louie de Finesse

Photographer (credit photos) : Alain M

MUAH : Les Ciseaux de Marie

Venue : L’Abbaye 541

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