Additional pictures of our wedding in Monaco

On April, you favorite wedding planner (Me!) organised with her team a beautiful wedding in Monaco. I promised you to show you additional pictures when I received them from the photographer. Here we are ! You can have a quick look at this real wedding in Monaco.

The wedding took place in a very luxury hotel in Monaco. The terrace where we organised the wedding ceremony was surronded by the sea. The guests were just amazed to be there and enjoyed the aperitive we organised.  They spent a great time dancing and laughing on the terrace, even if it was a little bit windy !

Then the dinner took place in one of the reception room of the hotel. The bride asked for a very white and modern flower decoration. The florist did it pretty well ! The great advantage of doing a wedding in a hotel is that all your guests stay altogether and it’s easy for everybody. The negative point is if you don’t privatize the whole hotel (which was not possible, this hotel has more than 200 rooms), you have to stop the music at 1 am !

That’s why our bridal couple organise another private party just after the wedding itself in a very famous night club in Monaco.

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