Be aware of Crash corsage, the new tool for wedding crashing

Lots of people have watched the movie Wedding crashers, and they found wedding crashing very funny, except if it happens at their own wedding. But most bridal couples believe this is not possible. On the contrary, this is easy and it becomes easier thanks to Crash corsage ! What is it ?

Thanks to your iphone or ipad, you can download Crash corsage and be aware of all the weddings around you. Crash corsage collect all the informations on the wedding websites. Bridal couples don’t realise but they let a lot of informations about their weddings on webistes. Blogs, chat, everything is good for the wedding crashing.

Have a look at Crash corsage website and you’ll be amazed by all the precise information they collect on each wedding, especially in USA. But this tool can be used everywhere in the world. So if you’re afraid of wedding crashing, you must be careful with the informations you put on the net. Otherwise, you can relax a little bit because generally wedding crashers can be gentlemen with some wedding crashing rules !

What do you think about Crash corsage ?

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