Beach wedding in Saint Tropez

Last September, as some of our readers knew, we organised a beach wedding in Saint Tropez. I didn’t have time to show you the beautiful pictures that one of our photographer did for us and that charming bridal couple. So here are some pictures to show you how it look likes to do a beach wedding in Saint Tropez.

While you’re discovering the pictures, I would like to give you some tips if you want to organise a beach wedding and above all in Saint Tropez. You should avoid July and August. This is the high season and it’s very difficult to find flexible beach restaurants, especially if you want to do a ceremony on the beach during the afternoon. There are too many tourists !

On the contrary June and September are perfect month to do a beach wedding in Saint Tropez. As a matter of fact, the beaches are less crowded and some beach restaurants are not usually open by night during those months, so the beach managers are often pleased to privatize the beach by night !

Then, you have to select the right beach to organise your wedding in Saint Tropez. The time limit depends on the exact situation of the beach. Normally you should stop the music at 2 am but on some places you’re allowed until 3 or 4 am. Don’t forget to ask the question if music is a crucial point for you !

Regarding the prices, most of the beach restaurants in Saint Tropez will ask you to pay a menu per person from 130€ up to 200€. This price usually includes the privatization of the beach for the wedding from 8 pm up to the time limit. Some places can ask you an additional price for the privatization (if you’re less than 100 guests for instance).

If you have any question about organising a beach wedding in Saint Tropez, please ask us !

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  1. Hi,
    Could you please send me some information regarding a beach wedding in the south of France in august 2013 with 40 guests? I am particularly interested in Saint Tropez or Cannes?

    Thank you so much


  2. Very dedicated and very sweet. I always dream that my future wedding would be like this, beach wedding is more memorable, more special and more romantic. I’m looking forward for my future wedding in the beach : )

    xahnn from Postdoctoral Fellowships

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