Elope to France : new wedding pictures

Last month, we explained to you that we organised a very intimate wedding just for a couple who wanted to elope to France. I received the pictures from the photographer and I wanted to share some of them with you.

For the couples who want to elope to France, I created a specific package. If you dream to get married in France, just the two of us, I suggest you to take a plan to Nice. Then, you can rent a beautiful car to drive to this vineyard, where the ceremony took place.

As a matter of fact, in the middle of this vineyard, there is a luxury 4 stars hotel, where you can have a very romantic diner and spend a night. In this specific package for the couples who wish to elope to France, I also include a celebrant who can organise a symbolic ceremony, a hairdresser and make up artist, a photographer and a wedding planner.

Everything is done to realize a very perfect and romantic wedding for each couple. The florist is also there to create a personnalized decoration for the ceremony, the diner and of course the wedding bouquet. So if you are seduced by this program and you wish to elope to France, just send me an email !

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  1. Get married in the romantic country of France! With both its warm countryside beauty and cosmopolitan urban appeal, France will provide you with countless options for your wedding, whether you envision a chic, contemporary ceremony in Paris , or a more traditional celebration in the Rhone Valley .

  2. Hello Claire! I would like to get married around Feb 2013. I am looking for a very inexpensive, but breathtaking ceremony. We would like to elope so there will be no guest list. I hold a US passport, however, my fiance holds a UK passport (with US residency) and we both live in Dubai. I would really like to have a ceremony very similar to the one above (posted on June 22, 2012). I love the vineyard idea, but I would really like a view from atop a cliff overlooking the water… If you can offer any help or ideas it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

    1. Dear Jennifer
      I can organise symbolic wedding or religious wedding, but not legal wedding for foreigners in France, as you have to be French residents.
      What are you looking for ?

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