Elope to France !

This summer, we organised 3 very intimate weddings for bridal couples who wanted to elope to France. For each couple, we organised a very customised wedding ceremony in a vineyard with a professional celebrant. This ceremony was symbolic, not legal but was very romantic !

Most of the time, the couples who asked me to elope to France, wanted to make a mix between a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. Thus, they started with 1 or 2 nights at a luxury hotel (which is located in the middle of the vineyard). We asked a hairdresser and make up artist to come to the hotel for the bride.

Then we did the ceremony and a photographer was present from the bride’s preparation. At the end of the ceremony, the bridal couple spent more or less one hour with the photographer to take beautiful, romantic and funny pictures. Last but not least, the bride and the groom enjoyed a perfect and delicious diner at the hotel.

If you wish to elope to France, feel free to contact me !

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  1. Dear Claire,

    I’m planning a wedding for the first week of July and I have found some of your suggestions for venues really interesting. Is it possible to contact me so we can discuss some of the places, the availability and pricing.
    Thank you very much in advance.


  2. Dear Claire,

    I just sent you a message and then saw this post. So, just wanted to say that this sounds very close to what we’re looking for. Please, please, help us see our ceremony come to life as beautifully as this one 🙂


  3. I am very much looking for the dual ceremony just the bride and groom into the honeymoon.

    I love the vineyard option and would love to learn more about pricing and season that is the best option for great photos.

    Please email me!!

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