Eloping to France

Last Sunday, we organised a wedding just for a couple coming from Canada. They decided to visit Europe and they were dreaming of eloping to France. They started their journey by few days in Paris, then in Corsica and they arrived in this beautiful venue to celebrate their wedding in a very intimate and romantic way.

Eloping to France is not easy, as it’s difficult to find a place where you can organise a wedding just for two people at a reasonnable price, in very good conditions. That’s why I have created a specific offer for bridal couples who wish to elope to France.

Indeed, the wedding ceremony took place in a vineyard. Our florist decorated in a very simple and beautiful way, according to bride and groom’s tastes, the place where the ceremony was. Our officiant worked by mail and skype with the bridal couples a few weeks before the ceremony itself and we organised a quick but useful rehersal.

In our « Eloping to France package « , a hairdresser (who is also in charge of the make up) and a photographer are included. The hairdresser arrives 2 hours before the ceremony and the photographer takes pictures from the preparation. Right after the ceremony, during 45 minutes, the photographer takes pictures of the bridal couple in the vineyard, but also at the hotel.

As a matter of fact, in the middle of the vineyard, there is a 4 stars hotel where the bridal couple can rent a room for one night and more and above all have a delicous and gastronomic wedding diner at the hotel. Eloping to France means to organise a very romantic and intimate wedding but also to enjoy great food and wines !

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