Events and Home organized a wedding birthday

On Saturday, July 10th, Events and Home organized a particular wedding birthday.
The event took place at the customer’s to St Prix. In addition to there wedding to partying with 50 dinner guests, our customers wished to renew their vows in front of an officiant priest and by the same time, to baptize their two children secularly.

from these elements, we found all the providers needed to organize this event.
Caterer, rental furniture, florist, officiant, dj, photographer … So many providers who participated in the success of this wedding birthday.
The D-day, the Events and Home team took in charge the wall furniture installation (chairs, tents, tables) so that this wedding birthday became the second most beautiful day in the life of our customers.

It was a success, the ceremony took place under an arch made of white orchids and takawaka (see photo above). The wather was very moving with a rather gray sky. Upflly the cocktail started under a blazing sun. The program included four cooking classes along with hot and cold apetizers. After that, the guests ate so much that they all had good reasons for not going to dinner. Games, songs, dances, they have tried everything!

They loved the table decorations as exotic as the arch of the ceremony.
The guests kept enjoying the evening and the meal. Indeed all the plates were left empty
After a very copious meal, the guests went to the dance floor which was in the basement of the house. We created nightclub atmosphere with light cubes, arranged either side of the room.
The customers benefited 100 % of their wedding birthday until the early morning for the biggest happiness of the Events and Home team.
The next day we received an email of thanks from our customers: « Just a big THANK YOU for your performance, I could really enjoy this day. It was very well organized. congratulation. »аскариды симптомы

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