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We recently read the exciting and official news that the King of Monaco, Albert II will get married next year on the French Riviera! The 8th of July 2011, the king of the principality will marry the beautiful Charlene Wittstock in royal and more glamorous conditions than his mother. The whole city is in effervescence thinking how incredible this wedding in Monaco will be!

At Events & Home, we know how romantic a wedding on the French Riviera can be. We are specialists in terms of wedding planning and know gorgeous venues that let you winded!

So if Mr Albert II has not found his wedding planner yet, we are at his entire disposal! We can imagine a great and intimate civil ceremony in the royal estate or better on the top of the rock of Monaco: a wedding in Monaco with a 360 degrees view on the French Riviera!?

Then, transfer with Albert’s private helicopter to the church his mother, Grace Kelly, got married in 1956. Fifty five years later, the fairy tale starts again: the king attended by a wonderful and athletic blond woman wearing a white bride dress with an endless train… Bells are ringing and all the French viewers are clapping to show their happiness.

More than a wedding in Monaco, this royal union will be an historical event!

вегетососудистая дистония лечение форум

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  1. 1. The date is July 2 for the civil service, and July 3 for the religious-not the 8th of July.
    2. He’s a prince. Not a King. Monaco is a PRINCELY house, not a royal one. His official title is His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

    …nice research. NOT.

  2. You’re right Tracy. The Prince changed the date …and it’s not a king …but it was only a funny article about this event, not a serious documentary !!

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