French castle for a wedding ceremony

Last week end, we organised a charming wedding ceremony in a beautiful French castle. The bridal couple lives in London, but they’re from Ukraine and they were dreaming of a French castle to celebrate their wedding. They wished to do an intimate wedding with no more than 50 guests. We visited a lot of wedding venues and they found in love with this beautiful French castle located in the southwest of France between Toulouse and Bordeaux.

This French castle is an hotel, so all the guests were able to sleep there. Consequently, the wedding lasted 3 days. On the Friday, thanks to the hotel, a wine tasting was organised in the cellar of the property, followed by a welcome dinner. Then, on the Saturday, the wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful gardens of this French castle.

The weather was wonderful – a bit hot to be honest ! We provided fans for the guests. In my next post, I will show you pictures of the decoration inside the castle. But as you can already see on this picture, purple was one of the color of this wedding. I really liked what the florist did for the alley, which is very different from hydrangea and other classic wedding decoration we have for ceremony. It went perfectly well with this French castle‘s atmophere.

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