French marriage statistics



With the Spring, the season of marriages is started.

This is time to speak about French marriage statistics … where are we?


In 2008, 273 500 marriages have been celebrated in France. In 2007, the number of first weddings for French people had decreased compared to already divorced or widow people that are getting married another time. For their first wedding, the groom is 31, 5 years old and the bride 29, 5; five years before, they were both getting married a year before.

Another alternative of getting married in France is the PACS. The PACS (Pacte civil de solidarité/ Domestic partnership) was created in France in 1999. It is signed between two persons and more and more couples who have signed a PACS have the same rights as the one who are married. In 2008, almost 140 000 PACS were been signed.

Now that we have dealt with French marriage statistics, what is about French babies?
More and more children but late…




On January, 1st, 2009, we are 63.3 millions of inhabitants in France. French women also gave birth 801 000 times, this means an average of 2 children per woman. The thing is that women have babies vey late compared to years before. Indeed, the average for a woman to give birth is now 30 years old. It was 28 years old at the end of the 80’s.


And you? How old were you when you enter wedlock? Or will you be? Are you planning to contribute to the French marriage statistics next year?



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