From Australia to Provence, a wedding ceremony

I have been working with brides from all over the world for 6 years now, but I am always surprised to see brides and grooms coming to France from Australia to get married. It is once again what happened with this charming and so friendly couple who asked our team to plan their wedding in Provence. They rented two houses, near one of the most beautiful villages in Provence (Gordes) and we were in charge to find all the other providers to make this wedding memorable. I think it was!


Thus, to start, I am pleased to share with you some stunning pictures of the wedding ceremony that took place in one of the rented house. The day before the wedding, it was running. Luckily, on the wedding day, the sun was back for the outside ceremony. I really liked the atmosphere of this so charming and romantic ceremony and I believed our so talented photographer Tim Perceval did an amazing job to capture these magical moments.




Our team of wedding planners Aurore and Jocelyne did a great job too. It was not that easy to plan a wedding in a private house, compared to a wedding venue (where there are more facilites). I also like the French touch with the accordion player. I believed that the guests were totally suprised by this so French wedding, so far from their homes.


Before showing you the pictures of the wedding dinner and the aperitif, in next post, here are some pictures of the bridal party. It is just a way to give you an additional taste of Provence 🙂




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  1. Hi,

    I couldn’t find contact details on the website but would love to talk to you about arranging a small wedding for 2017 and how much it would cost?

    If you could please email me back that would be great.

    Many thanks


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