From New York to French Provence for a wedding !

I recently received the pictures of the wedding I organised a couple of weeks ago. The bridal couple came from New York to celebrate their wedding in the heart of the French Provence. It was a beautiful wedding with charming guests and very friendly bride and groom. I would like also to thank you the wedding photographer Tim Perceval for these pictures.

As you can see, the wedding theme was obviously the French Provence. This was very easy to define a theme as the wedding venue is just amazing, especially thanks to this very specific blue color on the main door and the shutters.

80 guest were invited to this wedding in the French Provence and none of them were French ! They were coming from USA, Japan and even Australia ! All of them were totally seduced by the wedding venue, the great food and the elegant but simple wedding decor.

If you wish to have some information about organising a wedding in French Provence, please send me a message at

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