Funny winter wedding near Paris

The first week-end of February, we planned a wedding near Paris for a French bridal couple. As they decided to do a winter wedding, given the fact that they’ve already a baby, they asked to organise a funny winter wedding ! And we did so. The wedding theme was linked with winter obviously and with the help of all the vendors, we imagined a very original winter wedding.

We started the wedding with the civil ceremony. The room was decorated with  false snowball made with cotton. Unfortunately, we don’t receive the pictures from the photographer. Once we get them, I will post ! Then all the guests were invited to a first wedding venue near Paris, where they discover a wooden chalet. They tasted delicious crepes and wassail !

Then we kindly asked the guests to go to the second venue where the wedding diner took palce. They entered a very beautiful restaurant with a magnificient fire place. It was a real winter wedding near Paris

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