Happy circus wedding in Paris

Today, I’m really happy to share with you the pictures of an amazing wedding we organized two weeks ago in a circus in Paris.


First, the wedding ceremony took place in a beautiful church near Louvre area, where an amazing photoshoot has been organized. The theme of the wedding was colorful and circus clothes for the kids. The result is just beautiful, Paris is such a romantic and fabulous place to marry you.


After the ceremony, an old little car took the couple to the party wedding in the circus. We had the impression to come back many years before with the incredible scene of Paris, the lovely car and the beautiful weds.


There were around 200 guests at the party. A circus seems to be a strange place to organize a wedding but actually it is amazing ! The scene is so beautiful that it is sufficient in itself, you don’t have to spend a big part of your budget to the decoration. Moreover, the arrangement of this place is perfect to do the party with your guests. Everyone is place around the dancefloor and can participate.


The brides choose for the catering a salad and soup bar for starter, we put a buffet in each side of the dance floor.  Concerning the main course, the choose an original way to please all their guests: A FOOD TRUCK. And not any food truck, the most famous in Paris: le camion qui fume. It was installed near the entry of the circus to be seen by all the guests at their arrival. For the service, some servers brought the burgers inside the circus, but the temptation was such that the majority of the guests waited in front of the food truck. It gaves an ambiance really friendly.


The entry and the bride groom was so touching and funny. A really talented group of music was there to make the party all the night. The married couple was alone on the dancefloor dancing in front of all their guests with twinkling candles, the ambiance was perfect, they set fire to the dancefloor.


To finish, a really funny photobooth was installed at the entry of the circus with party accessories.


This wedding circus was really incredible and I’m not ready to forget it !



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  1. Cher Nicolas, merci pour les belles photos !
    Vous êtes magnifiques tous les deux et les sourires en disent long sur ce mariage de rêve dans la ville magique qu’est Paris !
    Amitiés et à bientôt

  2. Waouhhh ! voilà un mariage qui sort de l’ordinaire comme je les aime. On dirait un film . Merci Nicolas pour ce très beau reportage. Ton épouse est splendide, beaucoup de grâce et de féminité. Tu as vraiment bien choisi (elle aussi d’ailleurs)
    Adeline Routarde 66

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