How to get married in France

Or course, France is renowned for being one of the most romantic countries in the world. But getting married in France is not as easy as doing it in Las Vegas! A necessary procedure must be observed by a couple to have a civil marriage recognized.

First of all, one of the parties to be married has to have lived in the town you want to get married in, for at least 40 days before the marriage. Then, you will need to announce the marriage ten days before it takes place, in a local newspaper or by a publication in the City Hall. Beware of the delays, some city halls take between 4 and 6 weeks to process an application.

You will also need several documents to file your intent to get married in France:

  • a valid passport (or a French resident permit)

  • a copy of the birth certificate. You can request it from the city hall in the town you were born.

  • a certificate of celibacy, dating at the most from 3 months.

  • an affidavit of law. It must be certified by a Consulate Officer. This document certifies that you are free to get married in France and that the marriage will be recognized in your country.

  • a medical certificate, assuring that both of the persons have got syphilis, bloodtype and irregular antibody tests.

  • a proof of domicile, like a phone bill or other.

Finally, if you get lost with this different steps, a French wedding planner can help you to have a clear understanding of the complicated procedure to get married in France. The French wedding planner can also offer you tailored services to organize the wedding in France. Last but not least, the French wedding planner can give you useful advices about practical questions like the prices of the different suppliers (caterer, florist or photographer), according to the place you want to get married. So don’t hesitate to contacto a French wedding planner. A French wedding planner can largely contribute to a successful wedding in France!


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  2. Je suis curieuse de savoir , ayant déjà été marier civilement en Greece puis-je avoir une cérémonie par un prêtre dans une locations de choix ? Si oui quelle papier dois-je avoir et si non comment procéder pour appliquer a un droit de mariage symbolique.



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