Just the two of us : how a couple elope to France ?

This week, I organised a very private and intimate wedding for a couple who wish to elope to France. Their dream was to get married in a vineyard just the two of them ! I found the perfect place in the south of France where all my providers did their best to realize that wonderful and very romantic wedding !

As you can see in the picture, the florist create a very natural but elegant decoration in front of the vineyard for this charming couple. They came from California to elope to France ! The officiant worked at distance with them to prepare the ceremony and everything went smoothly. I also asked a photographer and a hairdresser to assist the couple during this day. If you need more information and wish to elope to France, just ask us !

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  1. My fiance and I are planning to elope at Hotel Crillon le Brave in southern France — we’ve booked our rooms for May 23rd – 25th. We’re still in need of a photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, and officiant. The photo above is beautiful! Can you please help us?

  2. My fiancé and I are looking to elope romantically in the south of France, preferably in Provence-rivera area. We are planning on it being just the 2 of us….much like the wedding you have described above. We need assistance – such as a venue for our elopement ceremony, Photographer, videographer, makeup/hair stylist and an officiant to provide the blessing at the ceremony. please let is know if you can help.

    thank you
    Nicole Doucet

  3. Hi,

    My fiancé and me are planning on eloping to France with just our parents. I would love to hear back on how we begin planning for this and rough prices etc.

    Thank you
    Kayleigh Cunningham

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