New-yorkers get married in France !

Last week-end, I organised a beautiful wedding for New-yorkers. They wanted to get married in France, with their family and closest friends. They were 80 people coming from all over the world : London, Japan, USA, Australia …and they spent a perfect week-end in the French Provence.

The wedding venue is a beautiful building with a magnificient garden. There is accomodation for 25 people. So the bridal couple and some friends arrived on Friday evening at this French castle. If you wish to get married in France, you may appreciate the wine tasting we organised for all the guests on Friday evening. Bus shuttles allowed guests to perfectly enjoy the wine and provençal food tasting I organised a famous vineyard.

On the wedding day itself, we began by the ceremony in front of the main building.Bridemaids managed to find the same blue color for their dress than the shutters of the castle ! All the decoration was inspired by the French provence, with some touch of lavender.

Unfortunately it was a little bit too windy to have diner outside, and consequently we set up all the tables for diner in the reception room. Anyway, these New-yorkers were very happy to decide months ago to get married in France !

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