Real winter wedding in France

I know that this is not the great time to share with you pictures about a winter wedding in France. Anyway, I really enjoyed planning this event with this bridal couple. They contacted me 3 months before the wedding day. They clearly wanted to design a unique wedding. To make it unforgettable, they first decided to surprise their guests with a very short notice wedding. The save the date was a very funny film made with potatoes. Indeed, years before the couple did a trip all around the world and send pictures to their friends with Mister and Mrs Potatoes ! You’ll see that potatoes will be part of this winter wedding decoration in France.

winter wedding france 9

To start with, the invitation were designed by wedding designer I am used to work with. It reflects exactly the spirit of this winter wedding in France. Before the civil ceremony (the couple was French), they decided to have a love session in the green line of Paris. Bridesmaids and Groomen joined them.

winter wedding france 3I also really like the bridal car that the bride used to come to the city hall. In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the bridal bouquet. Without flowers, it is also possible to create amazing bridal bouquets. I believed this bouquet was totally in the mood of this winter wedding in France.

winter wedding in france 2winter wedding france 4Right after the wedding ceremony, we organised a cocktail with mulled wine and crepes. Even if the wedding took place near Paris, we wanted to create a real winter wedding decoration. That is why, we set up a wooden chalet. As you can see with the pictures, we really worked on all the decoration details to make this wedding unforgettable.

winter wedding france 7 winter wedding france 6 winter wedding france 5

Last but not least, all the guests were invited to have dinner in a magnificent venue. It is a restaurant with a central fireplace (from 13th century). The venue was perfect to create the warm and casual atmosphere that the bridal couple wanted. Have a look at all the details of the winter wedding decor and also the use of the potatoes as escort card !

winter wedding france 12 winter wedding france 11

winter wedding france 10


To conclude this real winter wedding report, I would like to share with you a great idea. The father of the groom suggested that all the guests came to the wedding party with a book they really liked and they wanted to share with the bride and the groom. All the guests were happy to do it and at the end of the party, the bookcase was full!

winter wedding 13

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  1. Where was this wedding? It’s great! I think we will have our wedding on the riviera (where we met), but I have to wait until summer and have been thinking about a winter wedding, or new years wedding.

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