Rehearsal diner at Saint Tropez

Last week, we planned a beautiful wedding in Saint Tropez for a Russian couple. As their guests were not very numerous (45), we reserved an entire boutique hotel in Saint Tropez where we organised the rehearsal diner. The bridal couple wanted to create a chic but simple decor to welcome their guests for their first day in Saint Tropez.

Everything was based around the perfect swimming pool of the hotel. A live band was playing some music during the apertitif and after 10 pm, a DJ from Russia played. For the decor of this rehearsal diner at Saint Tropez the florist used purple orchids. Indeed, we wanted to outline the difference in the decoration between the rehearsal diner and the wedding the day after (where everything was white). The orchids were floating in the swimming pool like the candles !

This rehersal diner was a very goog start for this wedding week end in Saint Tropez. I will post very soon the pictures of the wedding ceremony and the wedding diner.

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