Wedding ceremony and aperitive in a French rustic venue

Last week-end, I organised a wedding for a charming couple. He is both French and English and she is both English and Indian. When they contacted me 4 months ago, they asked me to find a French rustic wedding venue, not very far from Lyon, where the groom’s parents live. That was a challenge as they wished to get married on a Saturday on July.

Indeed many wedding venues were already booked. But we worked hard and we found the ideal place for their wedding. The bride and the groom wanted to keep the wedding simple and as they love very much the wedding venue, they wish to keep this rustic but charming atmosphere. Consequently for the wedding ceremony, we decided to work only with ribbons and to forget about flowers.

The gardens of this French rustic wedding venue are so big, it was very easy to find the perfect place to hold the ceremony. Only colorful ribbons were used. The aperitive took place in another area in the gardens. The bride and the groom created a family tree with pictures of them, their parents and their brothers and sisters.

We also set up a fingerprints tree, which worked very well ! On my next post, I will show you pictures of the wedding dinner and the centerpieces. All the guests were amazed by this French rustic venue and the decoration we defined with the bride and the groom.

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