Wedding ceremony on a beach

Last week end, our team organised two weddings. Both were on a beach, but we organised a wedding ceremony on the beach too. The decor was already there, so we just add white benches and some orchids to create a romantic atmosphere. As you can see, the wedding venue is beautiful, you don’t need to add too much !

This wedding ceremony took place in a beach close to Saint Tropez. June and September are the perfect months to organise beach weddings, as in July or August, it’s much more complicated and expensive. Above all, many beach restaurants don’t rent their places for private events on July and August.

On the contrary, for this wedding, the bridal couple and their guests have plenty of time to enjoy the beach, as the ceremony started at 6.30 pm and then, they had dinner and they danced until the end of the night.

We added some orchids for the decoration of the beach restaurant and that’s it ! If you’re interested in a wedding ceremony on a beach followed by a wedding dinner, please contact us !

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