Wedding in a castle closed to Paris for an American bride and a French groom

A few days ago, I organised this very beautiful wedding in a castle at 50 km from Paris. The bride is American and the groom is French. Guest were coming from all over the world. There were 200 and they were all totally dazzled by this amazing castle !

The bride and groom celebrated their wedding in a specific part of the garden; like a little forest. It was perfect because the guests had enough shade during the ceremony. They were very surprised because when they arrived at the castle, from Paris, they didn’t see at first glance the chuppah for the ceremony !

After the ceremony, they enjoyed a delicious apertitif in the gardens of this amazing castle so closed to Paris and then they had dinner inside. Inside the castle, there were 4 rooms where the wedding diner took place. The decor of the castle is just wonderful and very romantic for a wedding. The guests were totally impressed.

In a few days, I will show you the pictures of the wedding ceremony we organised in this beautiful castle closed to Paris …to be continued !

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