Wedding in France, in VAR

What does it mean VAR ? In fact, France is divided into 101 departments. Departments are geographical and economical areas. VAR is one of the most favourite location for bridal couples. Indeed, it’s a perfect place for a wedding. Thus, last week-end, we organised a wedding for an Irish couple in VAR, at 1h30 from Nice and 50kms from Saint Tropez. The Mediterranean sea is a bit far but here, you can enjoy a charming atmosphere made with vineyards and small typical French villages. VAR is a perfect wedding destination!

As you can see, this wedding in VAR took place in a beautiful property. It’s a real French castle surronded by a vineyard. The closest village is lovely. The bridal couple organised a welcome wedding dinner there on the Friday night.

The bride wanted to keep the spirit of the place : a mix between nature and elegance.Consequently the wedding theme was a bit vintage and the floral decorations were bucolic. Honestly, the result was lovely and the guests really appreciated this wedding in VAR !

We hung old frames with pictures of the bridal couples but also of their parents’. It gives a lot of romantism to this wedding but also a lot of fun, especially thanks to the photobooth. I will do a new post when I get all the pictures from the photographer indeed.

Obviously the caterer made a special and very French wedding dinner. As far as I am concerned, this wedding in VAR was perfect. Everything went smoothly, thanks to our incredible vendors !

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  1. Dear Claire,

    I am also interested in this place !! It looks amazing !

    Are there any available dates for 2016 ?

    Many thanks !

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