Where is located your French wedding planner ?

Many of our readers ask us us where we are located, as a French wedding planner, where we plan weddings ? Indeed, we have 2 offices, one in Paris and another one in Villeneuve Loubet, which is located between Cannes and Nice.  This is very important for us to have the 2 offices beacause our clients come from very different part of the world. Some of them want to get married on the French Riviera, other closed to Paris. Sometimes, we meet some clients in Paris, even if their weddings are on the South of France : if they live abroad and come to Paris for business, we manage to make an appointment.

That’s the reason why, many of our clients recomend us as a very professional and available French wedding planner. The relationship with the bridal couple is very important for us. The clients must feel confident with us and trust us. So, it happens that your French wedding planner work for weddings that are not in France. Last year, we planned a wedding in Italy and this year, we are going to Spain.

If you need more informations about your favorite French wedding planner, do not hesitate to contact us !

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  1. Hi,

    Me and my partner are looking to get married in the south of france either this Aug or Aug 2011 depending on cost and time etc.

    Im not sure how to get started planning this. Ive looked all over the net at arranging a wedding in say St Tropez, Cannes or anywhere along the riviera but no website give me an idea of cost or how to book.

    Please advise


  2. Dear Matisse

    I would be pleased to help you in planning your event
    Please contact me by mail at claire@eventsandhome.com
    I would like to know the number of guests and what you wish in order to give you the best ideas and the right prices


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