Who are the readers of weddings on the French Riviera ?

For once, I am not going to present you venues or decoration …I am just going to speak about you, my dear readers. Indeed, there are more and more people who read every day this blog called Weddings on the French Riviera.

Indeed, there are more or less 4400 readers per month which is quite good ! But the best surprise is to see that readers are coming from all over the world : 45% are American, then the second country is United Kingdom and the third one is Canada. But there are also people from Australia, Poland, South Africa …many thanks to all of you !If you like Weddings on the French Riviera or if you want me to improve it, do not hesitate to tell me. This blog is a great surprise for me because thanks to it, I met many of my clients. That’s true they were comining from Dublin, USA, Denmark …This blog is a real opportunity to meet people and to exchange with them. Sometimes, it’s just 4 or 5 mails, other times, it’s a long story and a beautiful and amazing wedding at the end.

So please, keep on reading Weddings on the French Riviera !     

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