Winter wedding in Bordeaux

Winter is not often considered by bridal couples as a hot season to get married ! That’s a pity because there are many advantages to do a winter wedding. Here are some pictures to inspire you. They come from our local wedding planner in Bordeaux. As you can see, the decoration and the atmosphere are cosy and very elegant !

First of all you don’t have to be worried about the weather as you already know that it’s going to be cold and maybe rainy. You don’t have to take into account a plan B. Indeed, you’ll have your diner inside in any case. So you can select a venue especially because of its reception room. A winter wedding is also the opportunity to create a much more original decoration or to keep it simple but stunning. This wedding in Bordeaux looks great !

Last but not least you don’t have to worry about the wedding gown. Indeed, there are plenty of wedding dresses especially done for the winter season. You can even bargain a little bit the price as it is the low season …for everybody ! And that’s the very good point when you do a winter wedding in Bordeaux or anywhere in the south of France, you can have good discount !

Of course, if you want to organise your winter wedding on December 31st, it will be expensive like in the middle of Summer …but why don’t you consider December 30th in Bordeaux or somewhere else ?

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