Customised macaroons : an original greed

Macaroons are little greeds which are usually a nice dessert for a birthday, a party and or… a wedding !A big wedding cake only composed of macaroons is pretty spectacular !

But, what about customised macaroons for this wedding…?
The aim of customised macaroons is to put an image or a picture which illustrate your own personality, your emotions or a nice little drawing.

Put the name of your beloved, shouldn’t be a nice and original surprise ?

Customised macaroons can bring to your wedding a new dimension and might get away from a traditional celebration.

These greeds are made by a French manufacturer according to a unique recipe with first quality ingredients and natural dyes.
Flavors are really differents : floral tastes with for example passion fruit and jasmine or blackcurrant and violet flower.
Maybe you prefer sunny fruits : mango, orange, lemon or coconut… 

Finally, these macaroons are made by a professional, but you are the only one to customise them for your own wedding. Create your wedding without forgetting the master piece : the dessert, with the customised macaroons.

харьков лечение алкоголизма

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  1. Hi – I would like to talk to you about customizing some macaroons for my wedding in Cannes on Sept 17th. Would you please email me if possible? THanks,

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