How to win a free wedding reception ?

Easter is here and the wedding times is coming ! As I read a lot about weddings, I’ve noticed so many wedding contests. Indeed some suppliers for venues, décoration, dresses or travel agencies create contest every year.  It’s a good way to advertise.  

The contest I prefer is one in the Vermont. Vermont welcome more than 5000 weddings per year. The wedding industry has become a strategic point for the whole business in Vermont. 30% of the married couples come from another state to celebrate their wedding in Vermont. The marketing and tourist department created in 2005 a wedding contest. The objective was to appeal much more couples from other states in the USA. The contest was advertised in 17 states and in Canada. Local suppliers sponsored the event, by offering an entire wedding reception. To win, you had to write one story about your ideal wedding reception in Vermont and one story about your life. The organizers asked for a funny or beautiful love story

Unfortunately, they received letters full of diseases, unemployment…asking for help. It wasn’t exactly the spirit of this wedding contest. Anyway, the winners wrote a basic letter about their love and winned the wedding contest. The bride and the groom had no room for creativity in order to custom their wedding reception. Suppliers had decided before what they would offer. Despite of this, I’m sure the couple and their guests enjoyed a free wedding reception.

The funniest contest I read about dealt with wedding dresses. Chic and cheap wedding organized a toilet paper dresses contest in 2007. Brides winned 500 dollars. The dresses were surprising.

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