Lavender & vineyard wedding package

I have to be honest: this wedding package is one of my favourite as I believe it offers a very great value for money. Indeed, the venue is huge and offers different areas where you can set up different decors for different part of your wedding. Let me explain to you what is included in this wedding package in Provence

Our wedding package in Provence consists of (on a 100 persons basis)

Privatization of the 4 reception areas (for the ceremony, the aperitive, the dinner and the dancing part)

Wedding diner : aperitive + starter + main course + wedding cake

Wines are included

Hairdresser & make-up artist for the bride

Celebrant for the ceremony

Bridal bouquet, Groom’s button hole and floral centerpieces

DJ & dancefloor


Wedding planning and coordination of the wedding day


TOTAL :  from 27 000€ (for 100 persons) for week-end

***You can save 1000€ on weekdays wedding ***

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Options (with additional costs)

Brunch on the day after : 42€ per person

Photobooth : 1500€

Videographer : from 1500€

1. The venue

As I said before, this wedding package in Provence is one of my favourite because firstly the staff is really kindly and professional and it helps a lot to make a wedding memorable. Secondly, the venue is located at 1h30 by car from Nice airport, which is perfect if your guests are coming from all over the world. Thirdly, the venue has also an hotel on site, with 25 rooms. Other hotels and charming bed & breakfasts are very closeby. This is the perfect place to organise a destination wedding.

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In addition, this wedding venue is lovely, very romantic, surronded by lavender fields and vineyards. The architecture is elegant and the decoration is refined. The venue offers different areas, so you can make your guests discover the place step by step. For the bridal couples who wish to have dinner outside, that is totally possible. Plan B is also a great option, so roughly this is the perfect wedding venue (if you love vineyard and lavender !!)

2. The catering

The catering is managed by the venue and that’s the reason why, this wedding package is also a good value for money. Everything is on site, from the tables and chairs, to the cook! And the food is delicious. The wines are coming from the vineyard, so this is very local …and very good 🙂


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3. The ceremony

The ceremony can be done in several area, according to your tastes and the weather. Our celebrant knows very well the place and will be happy to advise you in order to make your wedding ceremony unique. We can also organise a rehersal on site 2 hours before the ceremony

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4. DJ and lighting

The DJ, the sound and light equipment for the dancing part are included in our wedding package in Provence. The DJ will listen to your tastes and your choices and above all his role is to make your wedding memorable. We work with a team of very professional wedding DJ.

5. Hairdresser & make-up artist

The hotel has a spa where the bride can relax before the wedding day and the hairdresser and make up artist will take care of her.


6. The photographer

The photographer will be present when the hairdressing starts until the first dances. You can meet the photographer before the wedding, in order to feel at ease and to be sure that all the essential pictures will be done. But it is also important to have spontaneous pictures and you’ll quickly forget the presence of the photographer, to enjoy your wedding day

7. Wedding planning

Our team will be present from the first touch point until the end of the wedding day to help you to customise your wedding and to make it unique.

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  1. Hi How are you? This venue, looks fab, however our wedding party will be 12-15 people in total, this is inclusive of four nieces and nephews.

    Many Thanks,

  2. Dear Claire, we are hoping to organise a wedding at a french vineyard for 100-120 guests in june 2016. We wanted to find out what the options are, how much it is likely to cost, etc.

    Would you be able to send us an email please?

    Kasia and Karan

    1. Dear Karan,

      Thanks for your message
      You have a first breakdown of costs with this package
      What do you want to know in addition?


      1. Hi Claire, things we wanted to know were:
        – Is there a nearby church for a catholic ceremony?
        – Will there be a bar if guests want to buy drinks?
        – What range of numbers are possible at this venue? Our guest list is approx 130 people but I would guess maybe 100 will attend. The price calculation is for 110 but you have also mentioned that 120 is a minimum.
        – Is there any flexibility on prices? We would like to also have brunch the day after and maybe some welcome drinks the night before, but our total budget is 25 000 euros.
        – Is this the same vineyard that is on this post: http://www.weddingsonthefrench.....-vineyard/
        – Is the vineyard accessible by public transport from nice airport for guests who are not renting a car?

        Kasia and Karan

  3. Hello!

    I am very interested in this package. Can you please send me an email with more details? We plan on having a 200 people wedding in May-June of 2015. I would like to know what part of provence is this villa in? Also, what if we want to have a brunch the next day? What about the alcohol pricing for dinner and welcome drinks as a cocktail before the dinner? There will be no ceremony only a reception. What about the photographer and videographer? Can we see some of their work before hiring them? Are the tables & chairs included in your package?



  4. Hi Claire,

    We are planning a wedding with 120 people attending and this package sounds very interesting. Could you please email me any further details that you may have? Do you think there would be availability in September 2015?



  5. Hi,

    I came across the website and loved the weddings! My fiance and I wanted to get married in Paris or provence this spring. It will be just two of us. Could you please let me know how to directly contact you? thank you!

  6. I am very interested in this package. Can you please send me an email with more details? We plan on having a 110people wedding in September 2016.

    Thank you!

  7. Hello Claire, this venue looks amazing. We are searching for a beautiful location in the provence / south of France for our wedding planned in July / August 2016. We believe we will be around 80 people. What are the options for this venue? Could i send you an email or call you with some more questions? Merci !! Simona.

  8. Hi,

    I am planning to get married in September 2016, please could you send me some more information about this venue?

    Many thanks,

  9. Hi Claire,
    Me and my groom are planning to have a symbolic ceremony on April 2017, but it is going to be something small, with 50 guests.
    Do you work with smaller weedings ?
    I would love to get some idea about costs, and your packages were the best information I could find untill now.

    Thank you in advance !

    Best regards

  10. Hi there

    We would like to organise our wedding in Provence next summer (2017) and I was wondering what dates you still have available between May and end of September. Ideally we would like a Saturday wedding. What are the prices for a package for next year?

    Many thanks

  11. I’d love to have my wedding in France as I grew up near Lyon, Ideally it would be held on 26 August 2017 but appreciate that there might be limited availability for that date. We’re likely to have around 170 guests (we’re inviting around 200). We’d like somewhere we could stay for around 2/3 nights and ideally have a casual BBQ the next day. I have a few venue ideas but would need help with hiring tables, chairs, lights and caterers. Also if you have any venue ideas that would be super. I’d like it in the countryside but not too far from places where our guests can stay. I love beaujolais, provence and the dordogne. Thank you!

  12. Hello
    We really like the look of this venue. Can you contact me with current prices etc. We are arranging a wedding in May/June 2018 for around 100-120 guests.
    We like the idea of an outdoor wedding. Is this possible at this venue or is the marquee advised?
    We are also interested in some of your other venues so would be happy to call to discuss.
    Kind regards

  13. Hi – we plan to get married in france in June or September 2018 and this package looks great, as well as others on your website. We would expect between 65-75 guests, would this venue be available for this number of guests and would there be other suitable venues? We are looking for a chateau or vineyard wedding with a very rustic french country feel. I can send you more details once you get in contact. Thanks.

  14. Hi! I am interested in a wedding in the South of France and would love to inquire about your packages. Can you please give me a contact of who I can speak to? Merci!

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