Wedding packages are coming soon

In the coming weeks, you’ll discover a new version of this blog. Indeed, given the fact that many couples ask us wedding packages, we have decided to create 10 unique wedding packages about French Riviera and Provence. We will also create wedding packages for elopement. We are very excited about this new service and I hope you’ll like it.

80% of our clients don’t live in France but they all dream of getting married in France. It’s not easy for them to have an idea of the budget of a wedding in France. Besides, prices on the French Riviera and Provence are not the less expensive unfortunately. That’s why, we will create packages with detailed prices on a 100 guests basis.

Our wedding packages will include a wedding venue, a 3 course meal with a wedding cake, a photographer, floral arrangements (bridal bouquet, button hole, ceremony décor, centerpieces), hairdresser and make up artist and a celebrant. That will give you a clear estimate of a wedding in France. 10 wedding packages will be suggested with a different range of prices and style. Some wedding packages will include accommodation for guests, but not all others.

We have selected the venues and the vendors among the most professional companies we are used to work with. We have defined with them the most efficient packages and negociate good prices for the bridal couples. If you want to be informed when we launch the wedding packages, send us an email at with the title “wedding packages”. We will send you an email when the wedding packages are ready.

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