10 other questions to your wedding planner

Following our previous article about questions to your wedding planner, here are 10 other must-ask questions and obviously my answer to them

11. What will she take care of — finding vendors? Invitations? Favors?

Yes, we’ll take in charge of any supplier you may need. If you wish to rent a car or to rent a villa for your family, if you need a hairdresser. Our job is to help you at every step.

12. Can she get me discounts with vendors?

We try every time to negociate the best price for the best quality for our clients. That’s the reason why our flat are not linked with the budget. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense !

13. Will she review vendor contracts with me?

Obviously, this is very important that we check in French that everything is ok. We can translate the documents for you if you need.

14. Can she help me with etiquette issues that may arise?

Yes for sure. We are also used to work with clients from different countries, with different cultures and traditions

15. Has she planned a wedding at my location before?

Except very few weddings, we know usually very well the venue where your wedding takes place. If not, we spent a lot of time in the venue before and we select vendors that are used to work there before (above all caters)

16. Is she planning other weddings on the same day or weekend as mine?

No, we never plan 2 weddings on the same day. But we can have a wedding on thursday and another one on saturday for instance

17. Can she help me plan the rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch or shower? Is there an additional cost for these parties?

No, once we have defined the fee, there is no additional cost. We are always present the day before the wedding.

18. Will she coordinate with all the vendors the day of the wedding — handling all deliveries and overseeing the set-up?

For sure, this is one of the most important mission of a wedding planner, according to me. But if some clients want, we can only plan the wedding and let them alone on the D-Day. Obviously the fee is less expensive in this case.

19. Is planning weddings her full-time job?

No, we also work for companies as event planners. It’s really necessary for me not to focus only on weddings. I think that the diversity is significant to be creative. I don’t want to be blunt about weddings. I want to be involved in each event with passion and seriousness. I don’t want to plan more than 10 weddings per year for the moment

20. Who will take over for her if for any reason she can’t be at my wedding?

My assistants  and my associate.

You’ll read very soon the latest questions to your wedding planner.

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