4 Ways to manage your wedding Budget

1 – The first thing that I would recommend to do is to set a budget and the number of guests. To do so, ask yourself how much can you spend on the entire wedding and if your family is willing to participate. For example our parents contributed their guests expense so this can be added to your initial budget. Make a list of attendees depending on the budget. Remember that the biggest part of your wedding budget will go toward the venue and the catering so the number of guests is key.

2- Second, pick your priorities and allocate by preparing a file or an app to track your budget, expenses, deposits, due dates… I have created a document that I use for my clients that recap everything for each supplier with an approximate price on what you can expect on the French Riviera. I am happy to share this document with you let me know if you are interested. 

3 – If you are planning your wedding on the French Riviera (or anywhere abroad), you would need to be careful on the currency exchange, ask yourself the following:

  • What are the fees for a Bank transfer? 
  • Should I inform my bank that I will make several transfer abroad ? 
  • Can I pay by cash? Where can withdraw in France with no extra fees ? 
  • Can I pay by cheque? 

4 – Add 10 to 20% on top of your initial budget (depending on how usually you spend money) for a « just-in-case » fund. This often happened and I always warn my clients : You might add upgrades, add-ons or have new ideas that you would like to incorporate. There is also unforeseen costs like the weather, a small accident, a last-minute change…Predict the unpredictable 

Check out my video on instagram about wedding budget @weddingsonthefrenchriviera

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