Are green weddings a new trend in France ?

If you are eco-friendly, you should want to make a green wedding. Anyway, if you plan to get married in France and especially to get married on the French Riviera, that could be uneasy. Indeed green weddings are well known in the USA or in Canada, but in Europe and more over in France, green weddings are really new.

So, you may need help from a wedding planner on the French Riviera in order to find the best providers for every item. To begin with, you should find a green wedding dress. Few companies in France create green wedding dress. Wedding dresses are made with natural fibres like cotton, bamboo, hemp or silk. Vegetable colors must be used for the wedding dresses. If you are interested in, you can have a look to Aranel. Prices begin at € 1,000.

The hardest point is to find a green caterer with organic products. Few caterers are ready to change all their menu to do only organic food. That’s a pity ! On the French Riviera, you should have to pay an extra to find a green caterer.

The best idea in order to celebrate a green wedding on the French Riviera is to find a wonderful place with a organic restaurant inside. Currently some hotels and restaurants are becoming more and more green. In Nice, I recommend Hi Hotel which is totally new. This hotel on the French Riviera is extremely well situated in Nice. Design and organic food are mixed. It’s really stunning.

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