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I am pleased to receive again a very kind message from one of our clients. As a wedding planner, it’s very important for us to know that we have done well our job and clients’ testimonials are also good opportunities for new clients to know a little bit about us. So, please find below a message from a French bridal couple. I planned for us a beautiful wedding in Spain.

« Dear Claire, your assistance was essential.  Thanks to you, we keep a memory so brilliant of the wedding and we were able to take advantage of it. Then many thanks to you and Mélanie to bear us and to have allowed us to live the wedding we dreamed of ! »

If you need to read more clients’ testimonials, I suggest you to read some other messages about our job as wedding planner in our blog. I can also suggest you to read this opinion about French wedding planner. Among the clients’ testimonials about wedding planner, you could read two other messages about a wedding planner

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