How to get married in France ?

I receive a lot of demands about weddings in France and most of the bridal couples don’t know exactly what is possible or nor to do. How to get married in France ? What kind of ceremonies are possible ? How does it work ? So, today, I will try to give you a clear vision of what you can do in France

First of all, you have to take into account that civil weddings in France can only be done with French residents. You have to prove your French residency thanks to bills, post mails ….In any case, the civil wedding in France takes always place in the city hall. It can’t be outside and it has to be done in French. Of course, you can ask a translator to be present. Honestly, even for the French people, the civil ceremony is not very romantic. So if you wish to get married in France, in a nice venue with a beautiful ceremony, French civil wedding is not the best idea !

On the contrary, it’s much easier to organise a religious or symbolic wedding. To do a religious ceremony, you just need to prove that you’re already legally married, before the religious ceremony starts. Some churches are not easy to book for a wedding, especially in very touristic places like St Paul de Vence. But if you really want to get married in France, we can help you to find a church.

Last but not least, the easiest solution is to organise a symbolic wedding ceremony with an English speaking celebrant. Thus, you can decide to do the ceremony on the wedding venue itself and you can customise it. This is the best way to get married in France !

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  1. Do you offer elopment packages for St. Tropez? We just have the 2 of us and it would be on 9/19/13. No guests. No flowers/decor, but perhaps a few photos. Want it outdoors with beautiful scenery. No reception. Very simple, elegant, English speaking! We would need help with getting the proper documentation, etc. Will only be in St. Tropez for one day on a cruise stop. No hotel needed either. Thank you!

    1. Dear Shannon

      Thanks for your message
      We can organise a symbolic ceremony in Saint Tropez with an Enghlish speaking celebrant
      Anyway, it’s not going to be a civil wedding

      Let me know what you wish


      1. Hello- would like to know if you could help my hubby and I plan our 10 yrs anniversary. We would like to have a ceremony-English speaking. No one but us two and just some photos. We will be in Nice in July 7-12. Can you please let me know pricing.. Thank you.

        1. Dear Rosalyn,

          Thanks for your message
          I am going to send you a mail with some information.

          Best regards


  2. Hi there,

    I would really like to have a catholic wedding in France, held in a catholic church – I actually am very good friends with a priest who I would like to marry us and I am not sure if this helps our chances or hinders them. Even if we were to go and make the ceremony legal a couple of days before or after in a more « conservative » setting – that would be ok too. Really, I have no idea where to start – I have read that you have to live in the village that you want to get married in for 40 days before – IS this true in every case?

    I would very much appreciate any help you can give me


    1. Kitty

      In France, you must be a French resident to be legally married at the city hall
      You have to prove your residency for at last 40 days, but it’s very difficult

      On the contrary, you can easily organise a religious ceremony in France, once you have proved that you’re legally married in your country
      The legal wedding can be done the day before in your country

      I hope it helps you


  3. My name is Irina and I’ve just started my exploration into planning my wedding. My fiancee David, and I live in London, but are looking to get married in Europe. France is currently top of the list. A few details:

    – We’re looking at a relatively small wedding – about 50 guests
    – Guests will be flying in from New York and the UK
    – Looking for something that feels simple, but charming; detail-oriented, but not overly stylised; combination of rustic and elegant
    – We will already be married in the UK before the actual wedding, but we’d like an intimate commitment ceremony to take place (but no legal services are necessary)
    – Entertainment and food are top priority (open bar + music): ceremony -> cocktails -> dinner -> dancing and afterparty (post 12am)
    – There must be hotels/accommodation nearby and transportation for guests

    I had a look on your site and something along the lines of this (LOVE the tent for dining): http://www.weddingsonthefrench.....-provence/

    Or this:

    We are also open to the idea of a winter wedding! This looks beautiful – http://www.weddingsonthefrench.....ench-alps/

    Our budget all in is around £20,000 for 50 people, could you please share what’s realistic for this? Thanks very much, looking forward to speaking with you soon!


  4. Hi Claire

    My fiancee and I are thinking of doing a symbolic wedding in St. Tropez. next year either on July 16th or on July 18th.

    It would be just four of us (two of us plus two guests). We just want a romantic yet simple ceremony. No reception, no party afterwards. To celebrate we probably would simply go to a restaurant to dine.

    Do you think you could help us with it?

    Thanks a lot,


  5. Hello!

    My name is Ginelle and I stumbled upon your website while in the process of planning for my destination wedding in Provence, France in the Spring of 2017.

    I am from Oklahoma, United States and am planning on having a religious catholic ceremony, but I am struggling to figure out how to communicate with the local churches in order to make arrangements to book the ceremony. I am only having my immediate family attend my small wedding, so I would not need to hire a wedding planner to help me translate/book the church. With that being said, I would still need to find a way to have someone who speaks French in order to book the wedding.

    Coming across your website, I was wondering if you would be able to provide some advice for my situation or point me in the right direction? This would help me a lot!

    Ginelle Calotes

    1. Hi Ginelle

      I am sorry for my late answer
      If you are looking for an excellent wedding planner, i can recommend you one

  6. Hi,

    We are looking to hold a small intimate symbolic ceremony in Nice on 6th August 2016 and need some help in organising this. There would only be 8 guests, we are looking for a suitable venue/location and someone to perform the ceremony.

    Please could you help?


    Kayleigh & Paul

    1. Hello
      Thanks for your message
      I have sent you a mail few weeks ago to give you the name of a great wedding planner in that area
      I hope it helped you

  7. Hi Claire,

    My fiancee and I would like to get married in a catholic church in St tropez or Ramatuelle.

    We would do the civil wedding in Germany.

    Is it possible to do so and to have an english/german speaking priest?

    Thank you!


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