It’s time to plan your wedding !

Once you have decided to get married, you and your boyfriend begin to suffer from stress and strain. Don’t panic ! The most important is to plan your wedding in advance. Weddings on the French Riviera will give you some tips for your wedding schedule.

If you prefer to plan your wedding on your own instead of hiring a wedding planner, you have to take into account this wedding schedule.

Between 12 and 18 months before your wedding, you should :

– choose a date for the wedding day

– find a suitable venue

– know the wedding budget

These points are fundamental to plan your wedding. More over, if you plan to get married on the French Riviera, you must book the venues 18 months in advance. Some venues are really well known ! On the reverse, you may ask a local French wedding planner to find you a wedding venue on the French Riviera that is less known worldwide but very lovely.

Between 6 and 11 months before the wedding day, you will have a lot of work to do ! Indeed, you must :

– book the City Hall

– find the wedding dress

– speak about the wedding contract if it’s necessary

– select the main providers : catering, flowers, hairdresser, transport …

Between 3 and 5 months before the wedding day, it’s necessary to :

– find the DJ, the photographer, the babysitter

– design all the wedding decoration

– prepare your wedding travel (if you need some passports or any medical issues)

If you plan to get married on the French Riviera at the City Hall, you also need to justify some residency in France and above all to find a translator for the wedding ceremony. Weddings on the French Riviera will soon give you all the details about « how to get married on the French Riviera« .

Between 6 and 12 weeks before the wedding day, you should :

– define the menu, the wines and the champagne

– send the wedding invitations

– choose the texts and music for the wedding ceremony

– take appointments for the make up, the hairdresser, the wedding dress …and do some tests.

Last but not least, 3 weeks before your wedding, you need to know the exact number for guests and define the tables.

Obviously these are the big lines of a wedding schedule. The most important is to list everything you need to do to plan your wedding and to check often this list. If you work a lot, do not hesitate to ask help from your family or from a wedding planner.

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