Latest 10 questions to your wedding planner

Last but not least, here are the 10 missing questions to your wedding planner. I hope you’ll appreciate the answers. If not, do not hesitate to contact us.

21. Can I see pictures from weddings she’s planned?

Of course, you can see some on the blog but I also present other pictures and I can give you some contacts. My previous clients are available to answer to your questions if necessary

22. What will she wear to my wedding?

Usually it’s a black trouser with a black skirt or if it’s very hot a simply black dress. We try to be as discreet as possible. This is your event, not ours !

23. How accessible is she? How often does she expect to meet with me?

As often as necessary, according to our timetable.

24. Will she help me find my wedding dress and attire for the other members of the bridal party?

No, I am an event planner not a personnal shopper. Moreover I believed this is a very intimate time that the bride should share with her friends and family. But I can suggest some adresses

25. Has she worked with any of the vendors I’ve already hired?

Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. But I am available to work with any suppliers

26. Can she run my rehearsal if my officiant can’t be there?

Of course

27. Does she provide a wedding day emergency kit?


28. If I give her payment envelopes, can she pay each of my vendors?


29. How much is the deposit I’ll need to leave?

50% at the beginning

30. When is the balance due?

50% after the wedding

I hope these questions to your wedding planner would help you. Please contact us if you need more informations.


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