Legal wedding in France

We’re lucky because, thanks to this blog, we receive everyday requests from bridal couples who want to get married in France. Some of them wish to have a legal wedding in France and unfortunately, I have to tell you that it’s quite impossible ! Indeed, if you want to do a legal wedding in France, you have to prove your French residency. That means you have to show a French adress with some bills (phone or lease) to confirm that you live in France.

So if you want to be legally married in France, you have to rent a flat for several months in France or to find a friend that can say you live in his or her house in France. Sometimes, some wedding venues (if they have accomodations) can say that you live in their house (but it really depends on cities). You’ll have to show some invoices or bills with the French address to the ciy hall. A phone bill is good. Besides, you have to know that legal wedding in France has to be done in the city hall itself. It can’t be done outside.

Usually my clients prefer to get legally married in France and organise a religious or symbolic ceremony with their friends and family in France. It’s easier than doing a legal wedding in France.

If you manage to prove your French residency, then you have to do some legal papers. For instance, you have to give a paper from your embassy or your city hall that say you’re not already married. More over, to do a legal wedding in France, if you don’t speak French, you’ll need a sworn translator for the ceremony and all the papers.

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