My wedding planner advices (2/2)

Here are some wedding planner advices for my dear readers. As I wrote in my other post about wedding planner advices, I’ll give you some tips to plan your wedding. It’s not only about weddings on the French Riviera !

Once you have found the venue for the wedding, I recommend you to ask for opening and closing times. Some wonderful venues on the French Riviera accept weddings but they don’t want music after midnight. Sometimes, you’ll need to book the entire hotel for 3 nights. On the French Riviera, Le Mas de Pierre or Château Saint Martin do so ! Obviously it would have a huge impact on your wedding budget.

My second tip among my wedding planner advices is to take into account your desire about your wedding. Do you prefer a casual wedding ? Do you want to be closed to the sea if you plan to get married on the French Riviera for instance ? Do you want fireworks ? Do you wish ceremony and celebration in one place ? You should ask the venue for the wedding if they allow everything or what the limitations are.

The third point of my wedding planner advices deals with the wedding ceremony. Do not assume that you can get married where and when you want. There are some laws to abide by especially if it’s a religious wedding ceremony. You have to call the clergyman asap.

Then, dont’ be afraid to negotiate your wedding with your suppliers. Don’t accept the price as the price. It’s not rude to barter. You just have to be sure that the price you pay for your wedding is fair. When I organise weddings on the French Riviera, I often meet providers who try to capitalise on the emotional decisions made by couples. Anyway, supply and demand affects prices. If you plan your wedding at a very popular time, the providers will be unwilling to negotiate !

Last but not least, I suggest to test everything. You must have a menu tasting to establish food quality and presentation. If you plan your wedding in a hotel, you should also go and sleep in the hotel. This wedding planner advice is really important. It will help you to relax the D Day !

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